Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality products
and services with our team of experienced and passionate people, we pride ourselves on building great customer relationships.
Our experience in consulting and contracting is extensive.
No job is too big or too small and our services range from the simple task to the more challenging projects.We work closely with our customers, ensuring that the task or project is completed on time and on budget, using the highest quality products available.
We also advise our customers of any cost saving measure that can be utilised and can assist with any other requirements. By using our skills and experience, we build ongoing and lasting relationships with our customers.


Gear 4 success

  1. Transformation Solutions
    Skills Development, Economic Development, B-BBEE Audits and other B-BBEE solutions
  2. Training & Development Solutions
    Project management, Tenders & Proposal and Tax Benefits.
  3. HR Documentation Maintenance
    Work skills Plan, Annual Training Report, Employment Equity.
  4. Contract Management
    Project Management, Programme management and Contract Maintenance


The management of Pro Con Solutions (Pty) Ltd believes that customers (Clients) satisfaction is an important key to the success of the business.

This message is cascaded throughout the company. Our objective is achieving customer satisfaction and repeat business by providing solutions that conform to agreed requirements.

Pro Con Solutions (Pty) Ltd foundation is on relationship with partners, associations, clients, contractors and competitors.

The code of conduct at Pro Con Solutions (Pty) Ltd comes from traditional values within our workforce.

Trust, honesty and understanding encompass many of our beliefs and for your own peace of mind we have implemented the following and will endevour to:

  1. Be polite, friendly and courteous.
  2. Maintain a high stander of professionalism
  3. Carry cooperative and flexible attitudes
  4. Acknowledge concerns
  5. Be informative
  6. Listen to feedback


Quality is at the core of Pro Con Solutions (Pty) Ltd: it is a discipline and not a principle.

We define our quality management system as follows:

As a company we continually aim to invest and re-invest into the quality eco-system of Pro Con Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

The management is dedicated to the planning and improvement of our quality management systems. Quality Management is key to our organizational governance. The management of the company are committed to operate every aspect of the business to those standards that offer the highest possible quality of service to all clients. This is supported by a progressive management style that encourages the quality culture throughout the company. The management are committed to the continuous improvements of the quality management system by establishing and reviewing quality objectives for all areas of the company.

This is to ensure that the company operates effectively and efficiently and meets the needs of the customers. Project managers ensure that control is implemented and reports of the effectiveness and efficiency of our systems, processes and procedures are filed. Whilst Quality Assurance is everyone’s responsibility, conformance to specifications and the management of quality is enforced on all levels. 




  1. Analysis - Briefing, Onsite Survey, Extensive Analysis, Customer Tailored Solutions and Services.
  2. Consulting - Product and Service Recommendation, Proposal for Optimization, Cost Concept for Planning Reliability, Definition of Mutual Benefits.
  3. Project Management - Documentation of Target, Structuring and Scheduling of Project, planning of logistics Survives, Ensuring Timely Delivery of Services.
  4. Implementation –Do the work until Customers Satisfaction, Project Monitoring and Control, Case Analysis and Fine Tuning, Project Review (verifying of Results)
  5. Service Support – Continuous Service Support by Pro ConSolutions (Pty) Ltd, Continued Improvement on Process with our Customers, Revamping and Up-grading of existing Systems (As per customer’s request), Annual Maintenance Contracts.